Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hard Rock Candy

Root Beer Rock Candy, originally uploaded by chrisfreeland2002.

Hard candy is incredibly easy to make. There's a basic recipe for the candy itself and you use flavored oils for candy making and food coloring to make each batch unique. You can get the flavored oils at some craft shops or online. You can also use traditional flavored extracts (like vanilla or almond), though the flavor won't be as strong as with the oils.

2 cups white sugar
1 cup water
2/3 cup white syrup
1 t flavored oil
A few drops of food coloring
Powdered sugar

Boil sugar, water & syrup in a heavy bottom saucepan to 300 degrees. Use a candy thermometer to ensure proper cooking temperature. At 300 degrees (hard crack stage) add the oil and food coloring and boil until 310 degrees. Pour candy on clean & dry cookie sheet and let cool. Use the handle of a table knife to bust up the candy into small pieces. Drop into powdered sugar and toss well to coat, then sift off flour and store the candy in a ziplock bag or other dry container.

Warning: I know this is one of those "Well, duh" reminders, but DO NOT try to sample the candy while you're pouring it into the pan. It's kind of a cook's habit to dip a finger or spoon in to taste what you're preparing, but you cannot do that when making hard candy. It's like molten lava and will burn you. I know this from experience :-\


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