Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Story of Cinco

Cinco is a piñata that has become our neighborhood mascot. Chris, Tagert and I got it for Sharon at the Latin grocery stores down on Cherokee Street as a decoration for her Cinco de Mayo party 3 years ago. We filled it with candy and thought it'd be great fun to beat open after a cocktail. We also thought that Sharon would volunteer to go first and whack out a neighbor or two while under the guise of being "blindfolded". But no! Sharon thought it was so pretty that she wouldn't let us break him open. So we left that night expecting to never see him again.

I had a Memorial Day BBQ a couple of weeks later and guess what Sharon brought - that damn piñata! She informed us it would be our party idol and we'd pass him from house to house as people had gatherings. I passed him to Tagert for his birthday party a few weeks after that, and then he started moving all around the neighborhood. Richard and Karen, after having him for St. Patrick's Day, came up with the idea of adding a new piece of flair from each party before passing him on, so he's quite decorated now.

Cinco's Migration:
Sharon's Cinco de Mayo party, 2005
Chris & Chris' Memorial Day party, 2005
Tagert's Summer party, 2005
Karen's St. Patrick's Day party, 2006
Sharon's Holiday party, 2006
Chris & Chris' New Year's Eve party, 2006-2007
Brinker's Skyline Chili party, 2007
Sharon's Cinco de Mayo party, 2007
Shane & Tom's Halloween Party, 2007
Brinker's Skyline Chili party, 2008

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